CB6 budget map

buget_map_screenshotCommunity Budget Suggestions: Put Your Money Where Your Map Is, is an online tool that gives citizens a stronger voice in budget decisions that affect their communities and lives.

The map is available at www.BKcb6budget.org, and we are really looking forward to hearing the great ideas you have to improve our community.

The Community Budget Suggestions map is used to gather community members’ ideas for local capital improvements related to buildings, roadways and open space. This map is intended to increase community involvement in the local budget process and, ultimately, make the City’s budget process more democratic and responsive to local needs.

You can input your suggestions for neighborhood improvements on the map of the district, and the ideas generated will be considered by CB6 when it prioritizes its annual budget priorities submitted to the City. You can also support and comment on existing priorities, and share them on Facebook and Twitter. The map also has links and information about contacting various agencies to request smaller, non-capital eligible projects, such as installing bike racks and planting street trees.

Community Budget Suggestions was created by OpenPlans, a non-profit that builds open source civic infrastructure to create technology for more efficient, responsive, and inclusive government.

“Getting involved in local decision-making is much easier when you can see how money gets spent. We’re excited to support CB6’s great work opening up the budgeting process. With this map, more people can make suggestions; see what gets funded, and what doesn’t. The map empowers people to make the case for funding necessary improvements. And because its open source, other community boards can set it up too.”  — Frank Hebbert, OpenPlans Director

We are very excited to share Community Budget Suggestions with you, and we are eager to hear your suggestions for ways to improve our community. Don’t forget to like, share, and tweet your neighbors’ suggestions as well. We would also greatly appreciate your feedback and response to the map itself, so let us know what you think!

Thank you so much, and we look forward to hearing from you.

For further information or questions please contact Mia Brezin, Community Board Planning Fellow, at budget@BrooklynCB6.org or (718) 643-3027, ext. 203.


Some Frequently Asked Questions about the map…

1) How will the suggestions on the map be integrated into the Community Board’s budget priorities?

Every year, each Community Board establishes and submits a prioritized list of capital budget requests for physical projects throughout their district. The Mayor, City Council, and Borough President review these requests and consider them when determining the City’s budget.

By using this map, you are participating in the process of identifying and justifying capital budget projects. The Community Board will consider the projects identified on this map to help prioritize its budget requests.


2) This map reminds me of Participatory Budgeting—is it the same thing?

No, the Community Budget Suggestions map is not the same as Participatory Budgeting. The two projects are similar in that both seek to engage citizens bringing them more into the City’s budget process. We hope that this map will complement and enhance the benefits that the participatory budgeting process has brought to our community.

Some differences include: Participatory Budgeting (PB) is only for projects that cost up to one million dollars, but this map is for all capital budget suggestions, which have a minimum price tag of $35,000 and no upper limit. We hope that we can build PB’s successes by providing a way to share your ideas for capital neighborhood improvements, as well as by furthering community involvement in the city’s budget process.

The Community Budget Suggestions map is also available online 365/24/7, so you can share your budget ideas with us whenever it is most convenient for you


3) Is the Community Budget Suggestions map part of a voting or application process like in Participatory Budgeting?

No, it is not. This map is used to gather community input, and then the suggestions will be considered when the Community Board is formulating its prioritized list budget requests to the city. Ideas that are more frequent, supported, and shared will be given more attention, but this does not guarantee that they will become priorities.


4) I want a small (less than $35,000) improvement made in my neighborhood, how can I request one?

 Many improvements that New Yorkers wants to see in their daily lives are small—such as more benches, trees, and bike racks. These are simple requests and are usually dealt with through 311. You can dial 311 or visit http://www1.nyc.gov/311/.

 While the Community Budget Suggestions map is only for capital budget ideas, there is information on requesting common service issues under the “Frequently Asked Questions” tab on the map. Please call Assistant District Manager Leroy Branch at the Community Board district office is you are unsure of whom to turn to — (718) 643-3027, ext. 204.


5) This map is so awesome! How can I share it with my friends, family and neighbors?

We’re so glad you like it! There are lots of ways to share and support the Community Budget Suggestions map, and Brooklyn Community Board 6. You can like our page on Facebook, follow us on Twitter (use #BKcb6budget to share the map!), subscribe to our newsletter, visit our website, and email budget@BrooklynCB6.org. Check on the map frequently to see what your neighbors are saying, and to share and support their suggestions.